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Were we unable to make an offer on your item or items? Or did we make an offer which wasn't quite what you were looking for? In either case, we're still here to help.

With thousands of potential buyers visiting our website every day, we're happy to give you the opportunity to still list your item on our shop.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Once your item sells, a 35% listing selling price commission is automatically deducted. The rest is all yours. Why 35%? Because this ensures we can cover the cover the cost of collection and delivery of your item. That's right... once your item sells, we come and get it from you and deliver it to the buyer. You don't have to lift a finger.

What happens next?

Once your item sells on the shop, we will make contact with you with regards to collection. Our customers are used to quick deliveries, so it's important thst you only post your item for sale if you're then able to be flexible with collection days and times so that we can get it picked up and delivered a soon as possible.


How am I paid?

Once you're item is collected, the final sum will be released to you.

How do I post?

1. Click the 'Sign Up, in the header of any page of our site and create an account. Once you've done that, CLICK HERE and you'll see the purple vendor sign up widget appear in the bottom left hand corner

2. Sign up as a vendor, wait for approval from our team (this will take no longer than 2 hours during daylight hours, but slightly longer if overnight), and once approved, simply sign in to your vendor account and you're ready to post your item for sale

3. Please note your item will only be approved if you include several clear photos, accurate measurements and any and all signs of use, marks, scratches or any other damage must be referenced and shown. If you are selling a bed with a mattress, the mattress must be shown with all sheets and covers removed.

4. We pride ourselves on selling sought after, popular products at fair prices on our site, and as such its important that we only include items on our shop that reflect this. As such, once you have submitted your item, we will review it to ensure it fits our criteria, and once approved, you'll receive notification that it's live on our shop


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