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Getting towards the end of your tenancy and need to remove those coffee stains from your sofa? Moved house and want to give your items a freshen up? Time to give your mattress a much needed once over?

When an off-the-shelf upholstery cleaner just doesn't cut it, the only way to make an indent on upholstery marks and stains is through the use of professional cleaning equipment. Hiring such equipment or professionals can be costly and time consuming, which is where the convenience of our upholstery cleaning services comes to the fore:



Email your item photos to or simply purchase the cleaning option on our online shop


We will reply acknowledging that we can take it on, and will arrange collection of the item


We will collection your item(s), bring it to our premises where our professionals will get down to cleaning


Your item(s) will be returned to your address WITHIN 72 HOURS of collection. You don't have to lift a finger


Where do you operate?

We predominately operate within London, however we do also offer our services in select areas outside the city. If you are outside of London, please contact us with your location so we can let you know if our services extend to your area. 

What items do you take?

We can take fabric sofas and sofa beds, upholstered bed frames, fabric chairs, rugs and mattresses, in addition to any other portable fabric furniture.

How much does it cost?

The base rate for all items is £60 per item. This includes collection, cleaning and return of the item.

Will all the marks come out?

It's important to note that we cannot guarantee the removal of all marks and stains on your items. The level to which they can be cleaned is entirely dependent on what substance has caused the marks. Water marks, coffee stains and general grubbiness are light work for our professionals, so your items will be in good hands. Check out the photos we've posted above for some examples of our cleaning success!


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